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This is not a loss

Subversive as ever, John Lydon equaled (the art of) writing love songs to entering the domain of big business. Nothing more commercial than a love song. Only fitting that PIL’s biggest hit was ‘this is not a love song’. Shows the irony of life, for some people the humour of the bearded man above. The…

You want it darker? (the end of 2017)

Towards the end of 2016 I was in shock. Not about Brexit, Trump’s election or right- and left-wing cultural wars that dominated the news cycle. Not even about the failure to systematically report on the one real problem facing humanity; climate change. No, Leonard Cohen’s death in November 2016 made a bad year truly horrible….


One of the funniest music related websites is ‘kiss this guy’. The name of the website refers to a line in Jimi Hendrix’s song ‘Purple Haze’, the part where he sings: ‘scuse me, while I kiss the sky’. Many people apparently hear: ‘excuse me while I kiss this guy…’ Personally, I very much love one…

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