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The syllogism of musical identity

People’s sense of identity is very closely related to the music they likePeople stop listening to new (categories of) music after the age of 33 It can therefore be argued that the identity formation process gradually slows down and almost completely stops after the age of 33. This crude syllogism of (musical) identity bothers me….

Is it Jazz, is it Afrobeat, is it world music?

The record store owner frowned at me when I asked him where he kept Fela Kuti, under ‘Jazz’ or ‘World Music’. I already assumed he wouldn’t have ‘Afrobeat’ as a separate category or awared Fela Kuti his own, private entry. For a moment I saw him searching for the right words and then he said…

Fantasy Football II – The needed substitutes

I told you, a football team only has 11 players, and in putting together my near perfect line-up for the land of Music I had to make a lot of hard choices. let’s not try to be complete here. I could come up with at least 100 artists I could also have added. Let’s just…

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