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The last music collector

Last night, at 19:08 Central European Time, the last music collector died, suddenly and silently, sitting in front of his computer, not doing anything in particular. His collection encompassed 5.127.391 different albums, and yet he left none of it to his wife and 3 children (2 girls and a boy, aged 19, 15 and 13)….

Thank you for the music

My kids are at an age they begin to develop a taste in music. Sometimes they even fight about who would inherit my music collection. I watch and think about the past. There was a time music was not at our fingertips. There was really a time before Internet and (illegal) downloading. There was a…

My own graveyard of unappreciated songs

I’m like a woman who stands in front of her wardrobe to conclude that she has nothing to wear, even though she has hundreds of dresses and just as many matching shoes. When it comes to music I understand the feeling and the sentiment. It is not really about having nothing to wear, or nothing…

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