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The soul of the party

There is a party. Everyone is there. Country music is filling the room, but the singer sounds young, female, and is singing in French, sigh-singing in the best French pedophile tradition. It must be an intellectual party; artists and their entourage. It must be that kind of place. Who is  appropriated in this context: country…

The syllogism of musical identity

People’s sense of identity is very closely related to the music they likePeople stop listening to new (categories of) music after the age of 33 It can therefore be argued that the identity formation process gradually slows down and almost completely stops after the age of 33. This crude syllogism of (musical) identity bothers me….

Neon lights, bright yellow stars (in memory of Florian Schneider)

He knew why they had handed out noise cancelling headphones at the entrance. After all, this was not a normal party, and even though listening collectively to the same music with headphones seriously limited social interaction, a version of reality Gustav totally supported, he still felt vaguely insulted by the obedient secrecy of it all….

Girl anachronism

If an anachronism is something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, especially a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time, as the English dictionary seem to suggest, then I’m a big, fat anachronism. My clock is set to the 70’s and 80’s and I have difficulty relating…

Fantasy Football

If the land of music existed, which team would it send to the World Cup Football? Which players would be selected for which positions? Who would be their coach and what type of system would they play? Endless variations are possible, all with their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Numerous decisions have to be made, and…

Music for Airports

It happened to the iPhone, it happened to Facebook, and now the headphone is the next victim. Good old headphone, to be worn at all times, with or without music, you were hip once but now you’ve suddenly left the orbit of youth culture and entered the domain of old people. When people of a…

You want it darker? (the end of 2017)

Towards the end of 2016 I was in shock. Not about Brexit, Trump’s election or right- and left-wing cultural wars that dominated the news cycle. Not even about the failure to systematically report on the one real problem facing humanity; climate change. No, Leonard Cohen’s death in November 2016 made a bad year truly horrible….

Ghost in the machine

When I was 17 I read Arthur Koestler’s ‘Ghost in the machine’ (1967). I didn’t understand half of the book, but it still left a big impression.Taking the relationship between mind and body as a starting point, Koestler tries to explain why people have a tendency towards (self-)destruction. According to him it all boils down…

Kraftwerk = love

They misguided us all. Me and so many other people, we all thought Kraftwerk stood for nerdy, cold and mathematic music. We never truly appreciated the romantic appeal of highway, trains, computers and other pieces of technology. They fooled us at concerts, at least the ones in this millennium; 99% of the audience consisted of…

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