Best cover song ever

In a year that the best president ever lost the (American) elections because of the biggest voter fraud ever it is fitting to publish a playlist with the best cover versions ever. All fake of course.

It’s a mug’s game, of course, but very much in line with the end of year tradition of making (best of) lists. Some versions don’t even register as covers. I mean, who knows that Respect is an Otis Redding song, and who ever listened to the original Bob Dylan version of All Along The Watchtower? Only music geeks (still) know that Tainted Love was first recorded by Gloria Jones, in 1965. Others are just weird, wonderful and sometimes frightening renditions of already ‘famous’ songs (Satisfaction, anyone?)

In the end it feels logical to end 2020, a year dominated by artificiality and authenticity with a good old playlist of covers.

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