I grew up in the 80’s. In the 80’s my access to music was limited to three media: radio, records and cassettes. Radio was not for me, too commercial to too difficult to make part of my life. I mean, how often would I have time to sit in front of the radio at exactly the time of a radio show I wanted to listen to? Not very often. Records I bought, when I had money, often second hand. Cassettes were something different altogether. Cassettes were the love letter of shy boys. Cassettes were the exchange stations for new music. Cassettes defined and showed your identity. Through cassettes you established yourself as someone who knew something, who was something in a way.

That’s why I still view playlists through a 90 minute, side A and Side B lens. Longer playlists are obviously possible, but longer length will come at a price, the price of losing focus, attention and impact. Therefore I stick to a 90 minute format.

Here’s a list of playlists, some new, some already covered in my posts.

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