About me


I am Aksel van Elteren, a 50 years old man living in Zurich, Switzerland. I started Different Listening because I like music and I like writing. Life can sometimes be as simple as that. I don’t intend to (try to) dazzle you with my encyclopedic knowledge. There are many people with a bigger music collection, a wider collection or a broader taste. There are also many people who understand music much better than I do. I just like to listen and I want to write about my listening experiences. Different Listening is about my own musical experiences and stories. It’s the musical diary I never wrote.

Leave a comment if you want to talk to me, or just show a sign of appreciation (or not). Follow me on Twitter (@Avanelteren) if you want to know more about me and my musical experiences.

Feel free to contact me on:

Twitter — @Avanelteren

Email — Avanelteren@outlook.com

Linkedin — Aksel van Elteren


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