Broken Glass

Wise men would have said to leave the broken glass

I ignored the words of wisdom, stepped right through it

To the outside door, keys in hand, suit and suitcase

Ready to leave the inside world outside, make one’s mark

On bloody feet, imaginary shoeless feet (no one sees)

Splintered glass in morning sun (still no one sees)


Dear bus driver, allow me on your drive downtown

Take me to my office please, let write, double down

The effort to forget glass splinters sticking in my hand

I can recreate, with these hands, remodel in my mind

These bloody hands, dripping dark red (no one sees)

Splintered glass reflected (still no one sees)


Did I break the mirror, forced it off the hallway wall,

trashed it with my bare hands, crushed glass splinters

with my bare feet, while you were sleeping,

Or did you watch it all, last night?


I don’t need a doctor, I’ll be fine without a hospital

It’s all a passing phase, all imaginary wounds

I don’t really bleed, look at my hands, my feet

Look at my soul, it’s not this man who bleeds.

This soul, this mind, not there at all (no one sees)

It’s only a mirror of myself (still no one sees)

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