Dear God,

I had a dream last night. It made me smile. In my dream I witnessed:

Serious academics debating the respective merits and legacy of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis

Streets erupting with violent clashes between Tonality supporters and militant defenders of Atonality

Millions of Twitter users sharing beautiful lyrics, and shredding each other in the process, all under the hashtag #DylanvsCohen, not getting any closer to an agreement on who is the better poet

A parallel explosion of female anger, wondering why only (old, white) males are eligible (#What_about_Patti?)

The emergency of the Radical Music party, quickly rising in the polls on a two-point program of spending 10% of the total budget on music and  banning all songs with bad or dubious lyrics

Lawyers of the former members of Talking Heads filing a lawsuit against Angelique Kidjo for apparent appropriating of their appropriation of African music

Protestors gathering around the recently revealed statue of Maria Callas in Athens, calling for the Greek government  to correct the anomaly of having a statue for Callas but not a similar one of Xenakis.

Massive infighting within the LGBTQ community over true identity, should it be YMCA or the more darker Walk on the wild side?

A surge of conspiracy theories over the mysterious deaths (or disappearance) of Brian Jones, Richey Edwards, Jeff Buckley and Paul McCartney (#Paul_is_dead), linking those and other stories to Deep State intervention. Sir Paul refused to comment.

Virile young men reclaiming their innate right to listen to Led Zeppelin

Main Stream Media scrambling with a strong push to correct its apparent whitewashing of Michael Jackson

Consumer backlash forcing Prada to retract its plans to use Bowie and New York Dolls costumes for the next Summer collection

Punks raiding a number of museums, stealing original Punk artwork to put it back on the streets where it, according to them, always belonged.

Dear God, I woke up with a smile, and even though it was only dream I still managed to watch the news today without my normal level of anxiety. Dear God, I don’t want you to stop the war, just put a little bit more culture into it. Could you also pass this message to Santa Claus?