Month: <span>May 2020</span>


The awful case of a portable record player and two precious LP’s Picture these two boys, brothers, with very limited understanding and appreciation of property. Very much the same, both share the same destructive tendencies. Not wanting to see this reality, the older brother thinks it is only the younger one, and keeps him out…

Neon lights, bright yellow stars (in memory of Florian Schneider)

He knew why they had handed out noise cancelling headphones at the entrance. After all, this was not a normal party, and even though listening collectively to the same music with headphones seriously limited social interaction, a version of reality Gustav totally supported, he still felt vaguely insulted by the obedient secrecy of it all….

Did vulgarism kill the voice of the outsider?

Journalists, police officers, scientists, they investigate everything, and still, sometimes they just forget or ignore the obvious, the phenomenon right in front of them, hiding in plain sight. The rise of vulgarism didn’t start in 2016, but it did gain momentum in that horrible year, the same year beauty and empathy lost its voice, maybe…

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