I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you
That I almost believe that they’re real

Look at me! Look at my smile, my skin, the twinkle in my eyes, all so young and innocent. When did you say this was?…2019…I must have been…mmm…22 probably. That’s Marta, right, that girl on the left of the picture. Wonder what happened to her, haven’t seen her in ages. Does she have a family now? You don’t know, you also haven’t seen her in years. So funny to go through these selfies, we both looked so young and ridiculously happy. Where was this?…Flow festival…Helsinki…don’t remember. We were doing a lot of festivals back then. One of the advantages of being an Influencer, the constant stream of invites. Just hang around as VIP, shoot some pictures, advertise the event on Instagram. The good life.

I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you
That I almost believe that the pictures
Are all I can feel

Can I see that picture again? See those disabled people behind us, on their own stage, watching the show from their own stage, bunch of gorgeous chicks dancing in front of them. They could have looked a bit happier, I mean, should have been the best day of their lives, with us dancing in front of them. Did you also shoot some videos?…I wonder who was playing, what music we were dancing to. God, that sounds depressing, OMG, were we really dancing to…that? And look at the audience, all those ugly, old people, dressed in black. Just depressing. The band also looks old and ugly, and that singer…I remember him, tried to talk to him backstage, but he only smiled and stared at me. What a creep, that singer of…The Cure, right? Well, don’t think he cured me of anything, my appetite for old men maybe.

Looking so long for the words to be true
But always just breaking apart
My pictures of you

But…fuck…that song is really depressing. Were we dancing to that shit? What’s the title?…’Pictures of you’…well good that we at least took some pictures of ourselves. I wouldn’t have believed it otherwise. Looks fucking unreal to me. A goddamn perversity…us, young, beautiful and successful, then those grumpy disabled people behind us, an ugly crowd in front of the stage and then this old creep singing about pictures. Fucking unreal.