I love Japan. The band. Brilliant bastard child of New York Dolls and early Roxy music. On the intellectual side of the musical spectrum. Clearly from an age before the Internet, before social media and before the age of pornification.

I wanted a picture of their first album, Adolescent Sex. Searching for band and album title gave me these pictures to select from:

And those were just the first 100 hits. Other countries gave different results. Interestingly enough, searching for Germany and Adolescent Sex resulted in quite some hits with girls in Nazi uniforms. Doing the same for The Netherlands even presented me with the opportunity to select another Japan album (Tin Drum I think). England gave me mainly pictures of guys who looked like serial sex offenders. France, Turkey, U.S., maybe a sexy picture here and there, but nothing on the level of Japan.

So…what’s wrong with Japan…or what’s wrong with us…or is it just the algorithm deciding on my preferences?