It could be my last act of musical education, the one no one really wants to be confronted with. It would definitely address my annoyance with the way most funerals are being run. I don’t expect happiness and joy, but a bit more tasteful and unusual music would be nice, if nice can ever be the right qualifier for a sad occasion. It would put me center stage for the last time in my existence, and resemble the way I tried to educate people as a DJ when I was much younger. Something like: hey people, from the beyond the grave, this is a really great song you should all listen to. I can see the fun. At least I can. Maybe it would make me the only happy person on my own funeral. Come to think of it, why did Brian Eno record music for airport and music for films, great works of early ambient music, but never music for funerals? I bet it is in his vault somewhere.

Anyway, here is my first set of funeral songs. I hope it will not be my last version. And I will not make it into and endless set, I promise..