Normally I never think about the symbolic significance of the day I go to a concert and this time was no different. Who cares that it was the 7th of June 2017. Who cares that I just turned 48 that day. I was just going to see The Courtneys in Zürich, could have been any other day. Concert location was a bit funny; Club Gonzo, a club I only saw once or twice at night. Frankly, you don’t see a lot when a place is packed with people and you’re struggling your way to the bar to get a drink. This time it was empty, at least when I arrived around 20:30. Upon entering I received the craziest of birthday gifts; a beautifully lit, candy like stage with a banner saying ‘happy birthday’. It instantly put a smile on my face, which surprised me, because I hate my birthday so much that I usually just wait until the day is finally over.

The surprise wasn’t over. When they started playing the three very young Courtneys seemed a bit drunk, high maybe, and they had to deal with a horrible soundystem. All the right ingredients for a terrible concert, but they obviously loved playing and didn’t seem to mind that they were playing for a handful of people who couldn’t hear the singer sing; quite exceptional in this day and age. It reminded me of the old days when bands literally had to play the full club circuit before recognition would finally arrive. Their eagerness was touching and even though I could hardly hear a thing, the drive, energy and quality of the songs was still obvious. I will not predict a bright future for this band, I was wrong so many times in the past. I still remember being convinced that ‘Dogs die in hot cars’ would be the new Franz  Ferdinand. That was back in 2004. Never heard from them again. I hope history has a nicer plan for The Courtneys. They’re sympathetic, fun to watch, and they don’t give shit about the number of people watching. And…did I tell you their singer has her birthday on the 7th of June? Turned out he banner was for her.