Month: <span>May 2017</span>

Mixtape – Faust

I was just driving. It was dark and warm outside, one of the first hot nights of spring. Suddenly my sound system decided to play a song I never heard before. It sounded cool, a bit weird and nerdy, just the way I like it. Turned out to be ‘Krautrock’ by Faust, the song that…

Before The Fall

Frankly I was shocked when a friend told me recently I didn’t like Nick Cave’s early work. There are a few certainties in my life, and I thought Nick Cave was one of them. His observation was true though. Reading old notes, and doing some serious soul-searching made me realise I only started liking Nick…

Magical Mysteries

Life is a collection of wonderful stories. Without stories there wouldn’t be much more than soulless matter. It’s the glue that connects us. One of my favourite musical stories is the one about the night Charlie Parker performed for Igor Stravinsky. The story has many magical layers. The most obvious one is that both men,…

Mixtape – Around the world in 20 songs

A bit of fun. Playlist based on the notion of travelling around the world, using only songs with the name of a city as title. Nothing more than just that.

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