If freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, then boredom and moodiness must be other words for having nothing left to desire. Think about it, if you are always struggling for survival I don’t think you ever experience a boring day. You might be depressed, like me on days like this. Truly depressed whereas I only experience the mild discomfort of someone who has everything. I will stop complaining now.

Still, music is good company and creating a moody playlist on Easter Monday is a surprising easy thing to do. This playlist is again formatted in a classic 90 minute audio tape format; both sides are just over 44 minutes, Side B starts with Portishead. It contains long time favourites, like Bowie’s ‘We are the Dead’, a song that in my book will always rank extremely high in terms of pure wordplay and power of lyrics. It also contains new ones, like ‘California Daze’, a song I found in a Wedding Playlist somewhere. To me it’s more a moody than a happy song, but maybe I got it all wrong. It also contains rediscovered songs like ‘Little Earthquakes’. For a long time I hated Tori Amos and I still only like her earlier, less hysterical work, but Little Earthquakes is a pretty amazing (and deceptively cheerful) song. A bit of everything I guess. I always get happy when I listen to moody songs, I hope the same is true for you.