I’m a kid of the 80’s. I can probably compile 20 different playlists with 80’s music, all thoroughly enjoyable and all equally plausible as the ultimate 80’s playlist. This is just a version. It contains old favourites like ‘All lined up’ (Shriekback), ‘Road to Nowhere’ (Talking Heads), ‘A song from under the floorboards’ and ‘Repetition’ (the Au Pairs). I still remember we used to imitate the way David Byrne danced in the video clip of Road to Nowhere. And that Magazine was my favourite band for a long time during my teenage years. In all its screepy weirdness ‘Permafrost’ is probably the Magazine song I liked best (but mmmm…not on this list). ‘This nat-ions saving grace’, the 1985 The Fall album from which I selected ‘L.A.’, I bought on a market in Krakow in 1992, and ‘Repetition’ is probably the best, and definitely the most harrowing cover versions of a Bowie song I ever had the pleasure (?) of listening to. So many old stories, half of which I probably forgot and still, even though I knew the band for a very long time, ‘Johnny hit and run Pauline’ is a relatively fresh find. never too old to learn.