Month: <span>March 2017</span>

Mixtape – Desolate women

My second playlist in this new-found reality of sharing musical combinations and permutations with potentially everyone. I called it ‘Desolate women’ because women are better at getting across feelings of desolation and because we hear too much music created and produced by men anyway. Side A of this mixtape ends with Neko Case. Side B…

Mixtape – Tough love

It suddenly struck me. I used to have a lot of fun compiling mixtapes. I wasn’t one of those guys who only created mixtapes to impress potential lovers. Granted, I didn’t do it for purely altruistic reasons. It was ultimately a means to and end. The end being: demonstrate how much I knew about music….

Mitski in Zürich

I had nothing to complain about. The concert was short, the performance sloppy, and towards the end she told us quite frankly that we shouldn’t kid ourselves and skip the encore, or even the request for an encore. Mitski in Zürich was everything I ever desired. This was a woman who got properly pissed off…

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