What surprises me most is that John Cale’s ‘Paris 1919’ is on the B-side. I taped it over Nick Cave’s ‘The Firstborn is dead’, bit of a prophetic title in retrospect. Means that I must have taped it after 1985, probably somewhere in that same year. I was still living with my parents, and I quite distinctly remember taping the live recording directly from a radio show in my bed at night. The used equipment must have been substandard. I was late, so I only managed to tape half of the concert. It tells me in many different ways that teenagers are poor. I had no money to buy a live recording of The Clash, I had no money to buy myself decent recording equipment. Hell, I even had no money to buy myself new tapes all the time. Come to think of it, when I was 15, 16 years old buying audio tapes was by far the most important way to spend my money.

Why did I replace Nick Cave with John Cale? Not because I stopped liking him. I have always loved Nick Cave and ‘the Firstborn is dead’ in particular. It must have been because I bought the album on CD. But…that screws up the whole chronology. I didn’t have money to buy CD’s at that age. Someone must have given it to me, but who, and for which occasion? A friend for my birthday? My parents for Saint Nicolas? Who did it, who freed up mental and practical space to let John Cale in? Who should I thank for Paris 1919?