Continuing the quest for the ultimate mixtape, here is the final set of guidelines.

7. Find a balance between optimistic and pessimistic (bleeding heart type of) songs. Longing is good, depression is definitely bad. Again, you want to send a positive message, not encourage suicide.

8. Understand the lyrics of the songs you select, and the overall meaning of each song. Everybody seems to like Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit (fade out)’. It is a classic song and an absolute favourite at their concerts, but it is a dark song, definitely NOT about love. Listen to it…I hear fading out, ceasing to exist, looking into a deep dark black hole…

9. Limit the selection. Mixtapes are from the cassette era. Audio cassettes were either 60 minutes or 90 minutes long. 90 minutes equals less than 30 standard (3 minute) pop songs. Mixtaping is about playing with limitations, getting your message across with a small set of carefully selected songs.

10. Pay attention to the artwork. It is a total package, a work of art, so pay attention to how you package. Don’t simply email a set of songs, but burn the list onto a CD, design and create a booklet, do some wild drawing, in other words: show that you paid attention to detail.

11. Use good old classic Postal Services to mail the mixtape. Add a note to make sure the receiver knows its from you. Would be a total waste of effort otherwise 🙂