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Mixtape – My own favourite 80’s list (or at least one possible version)

I’m a kid of the 80’s. I can probably compile 20 different playlists with 80’s music, all thoroughly enjoyable and all equally plausible as the ultimate 80’s playlist. This is just a version. It contains old favourites like ‘All lined up’ (Shriekback), ‘Road to Nowhere’ (Talking Heads), ‘A song from under the floorboards’ and ‘Repetition’…

Mixtape – Desolate women

My second playlist in this new-found reality of sharing musical combinations and permutations with potentially everyone. I called it ‘Desolate women’ because women are better at getting across feelings of desolation and because we hear too much music created and produced by men anyway. Side A of this mixtape ends with Neko Case. Side B…

Mixtape – Tough love

It suddenly struck me. I used to have a lot of fun compiling mixtapes. I wasn’t one of those guys who only created mixtapes to impress potential lovers. Granted, I didn’t do it for purely altruistic reasons. It was ultimately a means to and end. The end being: demonstrate how much I knew about music….

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