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Rearview mirror

  My son plays electric guitar. I wish my parents would have given me something similar when I was young. All I got was a flute. Maybe I could have gotten more. Not a piano, our house was too small for a piano, but even a saxophone or a drum kit would have been fine….

The toe of Bob Marley

In this age of instant gratification, here’s the summary: Bob Marley died in 1981 from metastasized cancer. Already in 1977 a melanoma was discovered on one of his  toes. Doctors thought it would be best to amputate the toe, Marley refused. In the end only the melanoma and the tissue around it were removed. Four…

A day in the life

Strolling through the airport departure hall I suddenly hear it, the unmistakable synthesizer sound and that lazy, slightly nasal voice: Enola Gay, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, 1980. I immediately want to return the favor by humming a contemporary, but then I remember…I’m at Zürich Airport, not Vienna’s, I can’t sing Ultravox here. The flight…

We’re a happy family

Sitting here in Queens Eating refried beans We’re in all the magazines Gulpin’ down thorazines In April 2001 Joey Ramone died from Lymphoma, not even 50 years old. Five years earlier The Ramones had stopped playing together, but even though that formally ended one of the most influential (punk) rock families, Dee Dee Ramone couldn’t…

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